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AP Mid Day Meal Menu, Eggs, Dal, Oil Supply now in Govt. Schools

Posted by 10th FA SA Question Papers Model Papers Software Material AP GO DA Table ZPPF APGLI Projects CPS DEO on Sunday, November 25, 2018

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AP Mid Day Meal Menu, Eggs, Dal, Oil Supply now in Govt Schools : AP Mid Day Meal new menu follows in Govt, ZP and Municipal Schools from today. The AP Govt supplies now DAL, oil from this month. The government decided to stop supply of eggs to the schools through the contract agencies previously. But the Education Department has issued oral instructions to the cooking agencies in the State to purchase eggs and serve the students from November 1st on wards. The cooking agencies are raising hue and cry over the sudden instruction given by the government.

AP Mid Day Meal Menu, Eggs, Dal, Oil Supply now in Govt. Schools 

AP MDM New Guidelines As per RC 222:

1. Ensure that the Dal and Oil shall be made available to all the Schools/ NGOs/ Centralized Kitchens before 31st October. The consumption of Red Gram Dal and Edible Oil, supplied, to all schools/ NGOs/ Centralized Kitchens shall be commenced with effect from 01-11-2018 without fail.

2. Ensure that the Red Gram Dal and Edible Oi, supplied by the Agencies, shall conform to the standards. Supply of stocks not confirming to specifications as indicated shall be rejected and the Agency shall be asked to replace such stock with new stock as per specifications. Any deviation in quality specifications is noticed report the matter to the Commissioner immediately

3. Ensure that the supply of Dal shall be in air tight moisture free bags/packs and Oil in sealed packets. The bags/ packets shall be prone to damage or spillage or spoilage and can be preserved for a minimum period of 45 days.

4. The supply shall be made based on monthly indent. The supply for more than one month’s requirement shall be rejected.The expenditure caused because of delay in supply shall have to be borne by the bidder.

5. Ensure that date of delivery at school point shall necessarily be before

6. Ensure that the supplying agency deliver the Dal/ Oil at school point

7. The Supplying Agency shall obtain the requirement from the school/ 90 days from the date of expiry or at cluster kitchens, as the case may be, between 10 AM to 5 PM NGO/ Centralised Kitchen by 20th of preceding month and supply the Dal/ Oil by 1st of the month. Any instances of non-receipt of Dal in time can’t be entertained under any circumstances

8. The suppliers shall submit the month-wise and district-wise bills to the Commissioner of School Education for payment along with the counter signature of the District Educational Officer, concerned

9. The samples of minimum five Kgs/ liters (in 1 Kg packs) shall be deposited with each District Educational Officer for further verification.

10. Ensure that the particulars of the Head of the Firm/Agency, district/ Mandal-wise supplier with contract number are available in each school for all communications. The supplying Agency shall also make the Phone numbers of the persons, responsible for the supply of Dal/Oi, to the DEOS/ MEOs/ HMs.

11. Ensure that the Dal is supplied to the Schools/Centralized Kitchens as per the norms of the Mid-Day Meals, i.e. 20 grams/child and 30 grams/child for Primary and Upper Primary /High Schools/ Junior Colleges respectively. The Oil shall be supplied 5 grams & 7.5 grams/ child for Primary for Primary and U.P/High Schools/ Junior Colleges respectively.

12. Ensure that an amount of Rs.1.38 Ps (for Primary) and Rs.2.07Ps for UP/HS/Intermediate) towards supply of Red Gram Dal and Rs.0.58 Ps (for Primary) and Rs.0.87 Ps. for UP/HS/Intermediate) towards edible Oil are deducted from the cooking cost being paid to the Cooking Agencies and Centralized Kitchens towards the cost of Dal and Oil with effect from 1st November 2018.

Further, the District Educational Officers are requested to see that 100 % supply is made to all the schools by 31-10-2018 and issue necessary instructions/guidelines to the field officers and Centralized Kitchens on the following issues:

AP Mid Day Meal new menu:

సోమవారం MDM Menu :

  1. గుడ్డు,సాంబారు 
  2. 100గ్రా బియ్యం 
  3. 10గ్రా కందిపప్పు 
  4. 25గ్రా కూరగాయలు 
  5. 5గ్రా నూనె 

మంగళవారం MDM Menu : 

గుడ్డు, కూరగాయలతో కూర
బియ్యం 100గ్రా
కూరగాయలు 50గ్రా
నూనె 5గ్రా

బుధవారం MDM Menu : 

గుడ్డు, కూరగాయలతో పప్పు
బియ్యం 100గ్రా
కందిపప్పు 20గ్రా
కూరగాయలు 50గ్రా
నూనె 5గ్రా

గురువారం MDM Menu : 

బియ్యం 100గ్రా
కందిపప్పు 10గ్రా
కూరగాయలు 25గ్రా
నూనె 5గ్రా

శుక్రవారం MDM Menu : 

గుడ్డు, కూరగాయలతో కూర
బియ్యం 100గ్రా
కూరగాయలు 50గ్రా
నూనె 5గ్రా.

శనివారం MDM Menu : 

ఆకుకూరతో పప్పు.
బియ్యం 100గ్రా.
కందిపప్పు 20గ్రా.
నూనె 5గ్రా.

AP Schools Mid Day Meal Menu, Eggs, Dal, Oil Supply now in Govt., ZP and Municipal Schools as per RC 222.
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