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APEKX/ AP e Knowledge Exchange Transaction Points Get Teachers list in AP Subject Forum

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APEKX/ AP e Knowledge Exchange Transaction Points Get Teachers list in AP Subject Forum

Who got APeKX transaction points Teachers/ candidates list District wise, Mandal wise, School wise Teachers list Download. APEKX Registration Certificate AP E knowledge Exchange Certificate, How to login AP Subject Teachers forum site http apekx in, How to register AP Subject Forum (APEKX) @ www.apekx.in teachers, Andhra Pradesh Subjects Forum, To Get 1 Special Point In AP Teachers Transfers 2017 AP Subject Forum Registration Process. AP Headmasters/ Teachers/ Students Registered in A.P. e Knowledge exchange (A.P. Subject Forum) and actively utilising the same can acquire 1 Special Points (Extra Points). AP e Knowledge Exchange login step by step by Explain with images. How to login AP School Education Subject forums Telugu, Hindi, English, Mathematics, Physical Science, Biology, Social etc. How to enrol your Name in AP e Knowledge/ APEKX, Subject forum website very useful to all AP subject teachers and students also. All teachers share your knowledge to your subject forum, You upload Lesson plans, Model question papers, Doubts, videos and Diagrams etc. As per orders of CSE, Every teacher should enrol himself at APEKX ( Andhra Pradesh E-Knowledge Exchange) on or before 31.12.2016.

APEKX Subject forum login Process for AP Teachers

AP e Knowledge Exchange
AP e Knowledge Exchange login Instructions  
1. First visit http://cse.ap.gov.in/DSE/ and Click on Teachers Corner
2. Next Click on All Subjects Forum
3. Enter you APEKX website click on teacher join
4. Click on New Registration

Enter your registered mobile number and security code and submit. ( Security code will be displayed in webpage )Fill required fields below details :

1. Password
2. Father's name
3. Subject

Finally click on Submit button.

You will be registered successfully and You share your Knowledge in APEKX Subject forum.

APeKX Subject Forum Content Transaction Activities at

 Who got APeKX Teachers/ candidates list in Subject Forum 

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APEKX/ AP e Knowledge Exchange Teachers Training in AP Subject Forum. AP SCERT - APEKX Online Course for AP Primary,UP,High School Teachers by Diksha Android APP.
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