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Good Health Certificate APGLI New Slab Rates GO 36 | APGLI New Premium Amount

Posted by 10th FA SA Question Papers Model Papers Software Material AP GO DA Table ZPPF APGLI Projects CPS DEO on Saturday, March 16, 2019

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Good Health Certificate APGLI New Slab Rates GO 36 | APGLI New Premium Amount

APGLI Good Health Certificate Download New Slab Rates AP GO 36 APGLI New Rates 2016 , APGLI Slab Rates PRC 2015, TSGLI Slab rates Enhanced Slabs, APGLI Deduction slab rate Enhanced in PRC RPS-2015 , Suggested Premium rates, Compulsory premium deduction age Life Insurance Scheme be raised from 53 years to 55 years.

APGLI Premium Amount - TSGLI New Slab Rates RPS 2015

APGLI New Slab Rates, Maximum Insurable Age Enhanced, Compulsory Monthly Premiums, APGLI New Rates, APGLI Scheme details, Download APGLI New Slab Rates GO.36, APGLI New Monthly premiums, APGLI Deductions, APGLI Enhanced Deductions, Eligible for Enhancement of APGLI Premium, Existing slab rates in RPS 2010, Revised/new slab rates in RPS 2015.

AP GO.36 APGLI New Slab Rates  

Existing Slab Rates



Revised Slab Rates



Pay from Rs. 6700 to
Rs. 8440
250/- Pay from Rs. 13000 to
Rs. 16400
Pay from Rs. 8441 to
Rs. 10900
350/- Pay from Rs. 16401 to
Rs. 21230
Pay from Rs. 10901 to
Rs. 14860
450/- Pay from Rs. 21231 to
Rs. 28940
Pay from Rs. 14861 to
Rs. 18030
600/- Pay from Rs. 28941 to
Rs. 35120
Pay from Rs. 18031 to
Rs. 25600
750/- Pay from Rs. 35121 to
Rs. 49870
Pay from Rs. 25601 and above 1000/- Pay from Rs. 49871 and above 2000/-

* AP GO 36 APGLI  New Slab Rates Copy Download 
*  Good Health Certificate Download 

APGLI Good Health Certificate for Employees, APGLI Premium Enhancement Good Health Certificate Instructions and APGLI Enhanced Rates Download.
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