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TS SSC Exams 2020 Instructions for Preparation of OMR - ICR Forms Sheets to HM Guidelines

Posted by 10th FA SA Question Papers Model Papers Software Material AP GO DA Table ZPPF APGLI Projects CPS DEO on Sunday, February 10, 2019

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TS SSC Exams 2020 Instructions for Preparation of OMR - ICR Forms Sheets to HM Guidelines

TS SSC Exams 2020 Instructions for Preparation of OMR - ICR Forms Sheets to HM Guidelines : TS SSC Nominal Rolls Preparation and Insructions of Preparation of OMR - ICR sheets , HM Istructions of Preparation OMR -ICR forms , Guigelines of ddo fillup omr sheets, TS SSC public Exam march 2020 Telangana 10th Class OMR Sheets Preparation , TS SSC ICR Sheets fillup instructions , guidelines of fillup OMR cum ICR forms / Sheets.Instruction for Ppeparation of OMR cum ICR forms of TS SSC Public Exams.

TS SSC Exams 2020 Instructions for Preparation of OMR - ICR Forms Sheets to HM Guidelines

Head Master / HMs Guidelines for Fillup OMR - ICR Sheets 10th Class Exams  2019-20

1. The OMR cum ICR forms shall be filled in by all the categories of students (i.e.) Regular and Private Once failed in addition, separate OMR cum ICR forms are prescribed for candidates opting for Vocational Course and appearing for Vocational subjects and for OSSC. Five different Coloured OMR cum ICR forms are designed which have to be used as follows. The details are given below.
  1. (i) Pink Colour (Titles on the top Portion) For SSC Regular Candidates.
  2. (ii) Orange Colour (Titles on the top Portion) For SSC Private Once failed candidates.
  3. (iii) Brown Colour (Titles on the top Portion) O.S.S.C (Regular Candidates)
  4. (iv) Green Colour ( Titles on the Portion) O.S.S.C (Private Once failed Candidates)
  5. (v) Red Colour (Titles on the top Portion) For SSC Vocational candidates for appearing vocational subjects only (Fresh and Private once failed candidates).

2. As far as possible OMR cum ICR forms will be supplied along with Manuscript Nominal Rolls, extracted N.Rs of June-2017 itself. In case if there is any delay in sending OMR cum ICR forms to Heads of institutions, they should prepare and keep ready the Manuscript Nominal Rolls of the Regular and Private Once failed candidates separately. 3. In the OMR cum ICR forms, a space of 42 characters is provided for columns to furnish the name of candidate, Father’s name, and Mother’s name.
The candidates have to follow the guidelines given below in filling the candidate’s name, father’s name and Mother’s name in ICR forms:
  1. Candidate’s Name : 42 characters
  2. Father’s Name : 42 characters
  3. Mother’s Name : 42 characters

Note: Special care shall be taken while writing Particulars of the following:

  1. First write Surname followed by the remaining name of the candidate. If needed it should be abbreviated to fit within 42 characters only.
  2. Leave a space between surname and the remaining name of the candidate.
  3. Father’s Name and Mother’s Name by Abbreviating to fit in 42 characters in capital letters in MNR and OMR cum ICR forms.
  4. Before entering the Mother’s name in the ICR cum OMR and MNR, the H.M has to take a declaration from the parent concerned, duly entering the same in the school Admission register.
             OMR cum ICR forms of any category supplied for March-2019 and prior to it shall not be used for SSC Public Examinations, March-2019. In case, any old ICR forms are used the MNRs will be rejected and the Headmasters concerned will be held responsible.

4. Go through instructions printed separately along with OMR cum ICR forms then start to
fill the OMR cum ICR form.
Note: All the columns in OMR have to be shaded with HB pencil only at appropriate place.
5. Candidate’s identification marks should be filled in OMR cum ICR in Block letters with
black Ink ball pen for effective scanning.
6. Govt. have issued Memo vide No. 7679/PE-Ser-II/A2/2010., dt: 14-09-2010 to incorporate Mother’s name in the SSC Pass certificates in addition to the father’s name from March 2019 exams on wards.
7. All once failed private candidates shall be insisted to mention the Roll number of the previous
appearance i.e., June, 2018 in their OMR cum ICR form and in M.N.R. as well and their latest
original failed memorandum of marks shall be enclosed to the M.N.R. However provision is
provided in the MNR to write old Roll Number Month & Year for other than June 2018.
8. Provision for affixing the left hand thumb impression of the candidates in the OMR cum ICR
forms is continued. It is the responsibility of the Head / Headmaster of the institution to see that the correct candidate affixes his left hand thumb impression on the OMR cum ICR form. In other words the photo, signature and thumb impression should belong to the same candidate.
9. All the candidates appearing for March-2019 shall affix the latest black and white pass port size (i.e) 35 x 35 mm photos with white background or light colour for more clarity. The photos should be pasted with Gum on the OMR cum ICR form as per the instructions given in the OMR cum ICR form but not printed / stapled / or stitched. No Colored photographs shall be used.
  1. The OMR cum ICR forms of all three categories of candidates (Regular and Private once failed) will be fed to computer for scanning the data and as such the Headmasters are specifically informed to fill in the OMR cum ICR forms correctly and perfectly as the same data will be reflected / printed in the S.S.Cs and in the failed memos.
  2.  The OMR cum ICR forms supplied should be handled very carefully without folding spoiling and mutilating it for proper scanning.
  3. Overwriting in the OMR cum ICR forms must be avoided as it leads to mistakes in scanning. If any wrong entry is made, use fresh OMR cum ICR form if available or otherwise apply Eraz-ex white fluid and then note correct particulars in the OMR cum ICR form. The white fluid sometimes gives problem for scanning leading to spelling mistakes.
  4. For SSC Public Examinations March, 2018 OMR cum ICR forms are supplied. The OMR cum ICR forms should be packed in a Polythin cover keeping them in between cardboard to avoid any kind of damage duly enclosing a content slip. They should not be pinned or tagged. It should not be mixed up with M.N.R or any other material.
  5.  SSC Application form consists of OMR cum ICR Parts and the two parts are printed on legal size paper with a perforation to separate them. The Headmaster himself has to separate the OMR cum ICR form at the perforation with the help of scale, without damaging the form. (The form shall not be mutilated or defaced). The OMR cum ICR forms of each category after separation (i.e., SSC Regular, SSC Private Once failed, OSSC Regular & OSSC Private Once failed and Vocational course) shall be packed in separate polythene cover tied up with rubber band, and kept in between two planks and packed with wrappers, so that the packet will be intact.
  6.  Challahs, failed memos, recognition orders, medical certificates issued in respect of PH candidates, figure statements etc., should be attached and packed with M.N.R only and they shall not be mixed up with OMR cum ICRs at all.
         The Headmaster of all the recognized schools should obtain one photocopy / Xerox of the OMR cum ICR form of all the Students and preserve the photocopies / Xerox copies duly attested by him as permanent record along with MNR in respect of both regular and private (Once failed) students. This will help the administration in sorting out future complications if any.

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