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AP PRC AAS G.O.68,Automatic Advancement Scheme6/12/18/24 years scale

Posted by AP DSC Online Apply Dates Model Papers Answer Key Syllabus Project works Results Loan DA on Saturday, June 13, 2015

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AP PRC AAS G.O.68,Automatic Advancement Scheme6/12/18/24 years scale, PRC G.O.66,67,68

1.AP Government issued orders introducing the Revised Automatic Advancement Scheme with the periodicity of the Scheme as 6/12/18/24 years of service replacing the earlier scheme with periodicity of 8/16/24 years. Subsequently, necessary clarifications were also issued in the Memos 14th and 15th read above. In the G.O. 16th read above, the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 were implemented.

2. The Tenth Pay Revision Commission recommended that the existing scheme of Automatic Advancement Scheme requires no further changes and it may be continued to be implemented in existing form.

3. Government accepted the above recommendation and accordingly hereby order that ;

  1. (i) The existing Special Grade, SPP-IA/SAPP-IA/SPP-IB/SAPP-IB/SPPII/SAPP-II shall be continued with the Special Grade after 6 years, SPPIA/SAPP-IA after 12 years, SPP-IB/SAPP-IB after 18 years and SPPII/SAPP-II after 24 years. 
  2. ii.  If service rules are changed prescribing additional qualifications for promotion after the entry of the individual into service, thereby depriving him of the benefit of promotion and consequently to the benefits of Special Promotion Post Scale-I A&B/ Special Promotion Post Scales-II, he/she shall be given the benefit of the next scale contemplated under the Special Adhoc Promotion Post Scale-IA & IB and SAPP-II.
  3. iii. The benefit of pay fixation under F.R.22-B be continued on promotion even if the employee had derived the benefit under Special Grade or SPP I-A and SPP I-B and if this results in the senior drawing less pay than the junior the pay of the senior be stepped up to that of the junior subject to the conditions enumerated in G.O.Ms.No.297, Fin.(PRC-I) Dept., dt.25-10-1983.
  4.  iv. Where service rules are relaxed to enable regular promotion, they should be automatically extended to the Automatic Advancement Scheme for purposes of extending the benefit of SPP-IA / SPP-II. 
  5. v. In certain categories like Attender, Dafedar, Jamedar and Record Assistants or Roneo Operators, the services rendered by them in these categories together shall be reckoned for purpose of Automatic Advancement Scheme. 
  6. vi. The benefit of Automatic Advancement Scheme shall be continued up to and inclusive of Grade-XXV in the revised scales i.e., Rs.49,870-1,00,770. 

4. The employees after availing the benefit of SPP-II are not eligible for the Automatic Advancement Scheme on their further promotion.

5. The service that is to be reckoned for the purpose of appointment to Automatic Advancement Scheme is as spelt out in Govt. Memo. No.11th read above.

6.   All the conditions laid down, clarificatory orders and instructions on Automatic Advancement Scheme issued from time to time so far as they are in consonance with these orders shall continue to be in force.

7. These orders shall be applicable to the Government employees, teaching and Non-teaching staff of Local Bodies and Aided Institutions drawing State Pay Scales and drawing the pay in Grade-I to Grade-XXV in the Revised Scales, 2015, i.e. up to and including the pay scale of Rs.49,870-1,00,770.

8. The Scheme shall be deemed to have come into force on and from 01.07.2013. The salary as per the pay fixation under this scheme in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 will be paid in cash from the month of April, 2015 onwards. As regard the arrears of pay fixations as per the Automatic Advancement Scheme in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 from 02-06-2014 to 31-03-2015, orders will be issued separately.

9. The Special Grade Scales in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 are as indicated in Annexure-I. Automatic Advancement Scheme scales for the categories of Last Grade Posts, Record Assistants, Roneo Operators and Drivers are indicated in the Annexure- II.

10. Any pay fixations contrary to the above Rules are liable for revision of pay and the excess amount paid thereon shall be recovered from the salaries of the employees concerned without any notice.

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