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AP GO 193 Unskilled daily wage/ Full Time/ Part time employees Salaries

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GO 193 Casual Labourers New day wise Pay, Full time contingent worker/ consolidated pay worker per month salary, Revised Daily wagers and part time worker Unskilled daily wage/ NMR/ Full Time/ Part time employees, Wages to the unskilled workers paid from contingencies in the Government Offices – Revision – Orders – Issued. AP Finance (HR.III) Department G.O.MS.No. 193 Dated: 07-10-2016.

Minimum wages to the Unskilled daily wage/ NMR/ Full Time/ Part time employee Salary

Read the following:

1. G.O.Ms.No.117, Finance (PC.III) Department, dt.4.7.2003
2. G.O.Ms.No.179, Finance (PC.III) Department, dt.3.7.2008
3. D.O.P- 11012/1/2009 – WC (MW) dated:8.2.2010 Ministry of Labour & Employment Government of India, New Delhi.
4. G.O.Ms.No.370 Finance (PC.III) Department dated 30.12.2010.
5. Home (Courts. B) Departments file C.No.591 (P)/Cts. B2/ 2014 dated:2.12.2014.

O R D E R :

1. In the G.O. 4th read above, Government have fixed the minimum wages to the Unskilled daily wage/NMR/Full Time/ Part time employees as indicated below:-

Casual Labour : Rs.100/- per day 
Full time contingent worker/ Consolidated pay worker : Rs.2600/- per month 
Part time worker : Rs.1623/- per month 
2. In the reference 5th read above, the Home Department has requested the Government to issue orders for enhancement of consolidated remuneration to the full time contingent employees, Part time Contingent employees who are discharging their duties equal to the duties performed by Class IV employees and also for enhancement of wages per day to the unskilled workers (sweepers etc.,) who are working in the Subordinate Courts in the State of Andhra Pradesh taking into consideration the hike of the essential commodities etc.,

The part time workers should put in at least 4 hours of work per working day to get wages as indicated in para 3 below.

3. The Government after careful examination of the issue hereby order to revise the wages to the different categories of Casual Labourers / Full time contingent worker/ consolidated pay worker/ Daily wagers and part time worker as indicated below:
Casual Labour : Rs.300/- per day  
Full time contingent worker/ Consolidated pay worker : Rs.8000/- per month  
Part time worker : Rs.4000/- per month 
4. The revision of wages in para 3 above shall come into force with effect from the date of issue order.

5. The Government hereby ban any fresh engagement of fulltime or part time contingent workers in any manner in Government offices, local bodies, autonomous institutions, Public Sector Undertakings, and any manpower requirements for the works presently attended by the above categories of workers shall be met by way of outsourcing of activity/ function only, duly following the procedure laid down in the Government orders and/ or instructions issued from time to time.
6. Any deviation of the orders issued in para five above will be viewed seriously. 

Unskilled daily wage/ Full Time/ Part time employees Salaries 
AP Contingent Employees Salary Enhanced GO 194 as per 10th PRC

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