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TS 10th/ SSC Internal Marks Online Entry at bsctelangana.org Online Entry New Guidelines

Posted by Teachers Manual Transfers Counselling Dates SGT/ SA/ LP/ HM Vacancies Results on Thursday, March 2, 2017

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Telangana School education Instruction to HMs for SSC Internal Marks online Entry
TS SSC Students Internal Marks Online Entry 

Telangana 10th Internal Marks Online Entry at bsetelangana.org

Online entering of SSC Internal Marks by Head master From: 00-03-17 to 00-03-17

Instructions / User Manual to Head Masters for Internal Marks Entry 

1. Visit website http://bsetelangana.org
2. Download the ‘User Manual for Internal Marks Entry’ from “Quick Links”.
3. Read the User Manual thoroughly before proceeding further.
4. Click “Online Application Form” link from “Quick Links”.
5. Login with your credentials.  

Help Line Numbers for SSC Online

Timings :10.00 am To 6.00pm 

The Headmasters shall keep the cumulative records containing the marks of 4 Formative tests of all the subjects of SSC candidates ready on 25th February 2015.

Example 1 :

The Headmasters shall take the subject wise and candidate wise average of the formative test marks thoroughly before posting of marks Online.
  Suppose a student has secured 12 marks in the 1st formative test, 14 in the second, 15 in the third and 13 in the 4th formative test in a particular subject, then the average has to be taken as follows:

The sum of the 4 formative tests : 12 + 14 + 15 + 13 = 54
Average : 54/4=13.5

The 13.5 may be rounded off to 14 and the figure has to be taken into account for posting.

If the average score is between 13.1 to 13.4 it has to be rounded off to 13 only.

Example 2 :

A candidate has secured 15 in the 1st formative test, 14 in the 2nd, 15 in the 3rd test and absent for 4th formative test.

The sum of the 3 formative tests : 15 + 14 + 15 = 44
Divide it by 4 : 44/4=11
The Quotient 11 has to be taken into account.

Head Masters SSC Students feeding Internal marks for SSC Public Examinations March 2016 on official website www.bsetelangana.org from 00-03-2017 to 00-03-2017.

* TS  SSC Marks Online Entry Instructions to Head Masters Copy Download
* TS SSC Marks Online Entry Feeding direct Link HERE

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