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AP Departmental Test EOT Paper Code A B C D keys for Answers Exam Dt 10-08-2015

Posted by SA 1/ Summative 1 Question Papers Answer Key Syllabus Project works Results Loan Dates DA table on Monday, August 10, 2015

AP Departmental Test EOT Paper keys for Exam Paper Code A, B, C ,D Answers  Exam Dt 10-08-2015 Prepared By Our Teachers

EOT Paper  Answer Key  Code D  Question Number - Answer

 (6)3,(7)2, (10)2, (16)3, (18)2,(21)1, (23)1,(24)3,(27)1,(28)4,(20)2,(44) 1,(46)1,(47)4,(66)2,(68)4,(69)1,(73)4,(74)4,(77)1,(82)3,(83)3,(86)4,(88)1,(89)1,(90)2,(91)2,(4)4,(8)1,(17)1,(64)1,(66)2,(84)4,(85)3,(30) 1,(37) 2,(78) 1

EOT Paper  Answer Key  Code C  Question Number - Answer

1-2,3-2,5-3,6-1,7-2,8-3,9-4,10-1,12-2,13-2,14-3,15-2,16-2,17-2,18-3,19-4,20-321-1,22-4,23-1,24-2,25-2,28-2,30-2,32-3,33-2,35-1,36-4,38-2,39-1,40-141-142-2 ,43-4,45-4,46-3,47-248-2,49-3,50-3

Remaining Coming Soon.......

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