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AP Govt. Text books press Budget Release G.O.Rt.No.: 2114 for Rs. 17,25,000/- to GOVERNMENT TEXTBOOK PRESS, HOD Orders

Posted by FA 3 SA 1/ Summative 1 Question Papers Answer Key Syllabus Project works Results Loan Dates DA table on Monday, July 27, 2015

AP GOVERNMENT TEXT BOOK PRESS Budget Release Order. G.O.Rt.No.: 2114 Dated: 27-07-2015 for Rs. 17,25,000/- to HOD Orders 

In pursuance of the orders issued in references read above, the Director GOVERNMENT TEXTBOOK PRESS, HOD
is hereby issued a Budget Release Order for an amount of Rs.17,25,000/-(Rupees Seventeen Lakhs Twenty Five Thousands) Non -Plan as additional funds in relaxation of Treasury Control and Quarterly Regulation Orders pending provision of funds by obtaining supplementary grants at appropriate time during the year 2015-16 towards payment to security guards for rendering services for Government Text Book Press under the following head of account:-(Rs. in Lakhs) The scheduled.

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